U2F key

04 Jan 2020

I had enabled 2FA on most online accounts few months back. This was after

The 2FA mechanism I used was either SMS or via Google Authenticator app. For services that supported both, I had enabled both for redundancy.

Both of these came with their friction

A more “seamless” alternative is using U2F keys. It gets plugged like an USB key and whenever a 2FA is requested, you press the button on the key and the 2FA goes through. This becomes a “what you have” factor of authentication.


I purchased a pair of cheapest available U2F keys from Amazon. By now, I’ve setup the following services on it

Setting up for the online services was straightforward with Chrome. Their respective settings page had options to add a security key. The process was a bit involved for setting up for mac prompts. This post by Sean Anderson goes into the steps to achieve it.



this was written quite a while ago